Landscape fabric

Non-woven landscape fabrics are a proven benefit to customers¡¯ project. Our lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight non-woven geo-textiles prove to be excellent filters, allowing subsurface water to pass into the drainage core while preventing adjacent soil from clogging the system.

Made from durable, light weight non-woven polypropylene. This permeable fabric allows irrigation and limited air flow while restricting heat loss. With limited care this fabric can be used for up to 6 seasons and possibly longer. Available in light, medium, and heavy weights, to fit your particular climate.

*Frost blanket: It holds heat in, blocks wind, allows for water and nutrient permeability, and is UV protected against breakdown.

* Package

   Width available: 3¡¯, 4¡¯, 5¡¯, 6¡¯, ¡¦ up to 10.5¡¯