Green Global Vina

Dear our valued customers,

We, Green Global Vina, are manufacturing and exporting polyethylene & polypropylene products to all over the world.  We have been establishing a good reputation in this industry.  We mainly supply world-famous US chain stores and giant industrial fabricators, using three factories in China, Vietnam, and Korea.  Production in 3 different spots gives our customers more options.

Green Global Vina Co., Ltd.
1.  Current Facilities & Capacity
Machine Unit

Tape Line


Water-jet Loom


Wide width(up to 4.3m) Water-jet Loom







 Printing Machine(3-color Gravure)


 Production Capacity(TEU per Month)




2. Production Lines: Extruding, Weaving, and Coating

3.  Products

We virtually make any kind of polyethylene products you can think of.  The following is available.
* Commercial tarps : Standard Tarp, Heavy Duty Tarp, Camouflage Tarp, Yard Tarp, Pool Cover(Outdoor & Indoor), Truck Cover (PE, PVC, Mesh), Patio Garden Furniture Cover (Hammock, Table, Chair, Bicycle, Barbecue, etc.), Boat Cover, Construction & Equipment Cover, Garden Garbage Bag (Bin), Dining Canopy, Car Canopy, Gazebo Tent, etc.* Industrial/Agricultural tarps : Lumber Wrap, Steel Wrap, Gusset Bag, Scaffolding Cover (Leno weave), Roofing Underlayment, Pallet Cover, Cotton Module Cover, Machinery, Grain, & Hay Cover, Weed Block, Geo- Textile, Geo-Membrane, etc.We, Green Global Vina, being one of the biggest tarp makers, have continuously poured a great deal of time and efforts to serve our valued customers better. A lot of tarp makers in this field are competing with one another, but we are here to meet your customized needs with competitive pricing, quality products, and on-time shipment.  We will always strive to keep you satisfied and eventually help your business grow.  Simply let us prove how we can make it.
Thank you very much for your interest in us.Sincerely,Green Global Vina Co., Ltd.