Current facilities

Since our company have established, we supply a high quality spun bond non woven fabrics and various special compounded items to other related industries.  We cooperate with our clients and persistent with new research and exploitation in new technology.

Line A

Chinese machine

Width : 3200MM (3,000T)

Line B

Germany machine (Reifenhauzer)

Width : 3200MM (3,000T)

Line C

Chinese Machine

Width : 3200MM (3,000T)

Line D

Chinese Machine

Width : 2400MM (2,000T)

Medical and Hygiene:
disposable medical products, diapers, personal healthcare products

Packaging and interlining
all kinds of shopping bags, store bags, gift wrapper, household appliance and interlining

Agricultural cover
all kinds of cover that can protect from UV, insect prevent frostbite, safeguard film, and gardening cover, etc.


Excellent softness
Nontoxic, anti-bacteria, and endure of corrosive
Air-permeability and water-repellence
High level of tensile strength, and elongation rate
Super excellent in processing capability and stability