Car covers

This cover is great for every day, outdoor use. It is not as heavy as the other outdoor fabrics, but it still provides superior water, weather, and UV resistance. It can be easily removed and folded every day by virtually anyone. Even if you need a cover primarily for indoor use and only occasional outdoor use,  Kaps Tex cover is still your best choice. It will keep dust out no matter where you park.
* Available Color : Gray, Blue
* Material : single layer of UV stabilized non-woven fabric

– Protective Cover for Brand New Car

*Available color : Pure white
*Material :  UV stabilized non-woven fabric or compounded non-woven


1-layer Car Cover 3-layer Car Cover
 1. Breathable & Water repellent  1. Breathable & 100%  Waterproof
 2. Anti – UV treatment  2. Anti – UV treatment
 3. Dust & Dirt-proof  3. Dust & Dirt-proof
 4. Double stitched seams  4. Twice Durability than regular covers
 5. Elasticized hems  5. Double stitched seams
 6. Storage pouch included  6. Elasticized hems
 7. Storage pouch included
 8. Breathable, waterproof PE film inside